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Aichi Union ajuda trabalhadores estrangeiros no Japão - english version

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Aichi Union ajuda trabalhadores estrangeiros no Japão
English Version
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Most of the foreigners living in Japan (including the Nikkei-jins) come from organizations where they cannot protect themselves such as the labor union. They are hired as unstable dispatch worker, irregular worker or in a workplace where they cannot improve their skills.

A lot of these foreigners are suffering from bully and discrimination, and the employer of a dispatch company where they work cuts their salary, or terminated due to sickness and injury. Under the global standard economy, rich people become richer, and poor ones become poorer. Most of the foreigners in the name of [self responsibility], are working in the substratum workforce to protect Japanese lives, leading an unstable life with the fear of losing their job.

With this irresponsible and outrageous society that violates rights, is it not right to take care of each other as foreigners living in Japan, and establish solid relationship and cooperation to support lives and privileges?

In AICHI UNION, anywhere, anybody, even if you are alone can enter this organization. Would you like to participate? This union works as a group, which undertakes working people who has worries such as termination of employment, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, work accident and others.

FREE DIAL: 0120-481-482
Mr. Nishida or Mr.Hayashi